Seduced by unreality

“Seduction by Unreality” 2000 (first solo performance)

“Seduction of unreality” is a full-length solo performance for a female dancer who walks in and out of illusion and reality, dream and normality. Dressed as different characters, a temptress, a diva and a ballerina, moving in and between a changeable installation: “TERRITORIUM” by Danuta Haremska, consisting of 12 black knitted plastic forms.

The performance is about being seduced by an unreality, to further find a reality where the dreams finds their space. It deals with the fluid boundary between living in a dream and to live in reality. The performance highlights the unattainable figures such as temptresses, divas and ballerinas, and the illusions about them, which alternates between being broken and cultivated. —To pursue a diva from the top and down, and place a ballerina in real life, seeing them as women, fragmented in their different levels.

The musical consists of a collage of contemporary music: Ligeti, Bjørklund, Tavener, Gubaidulina and Godar, put together with Brel, Labradford, Goldenthal and Morricone, and Tchaikovsky, Metallica and the Waterboys as extremes.

built by flyxer designed by caribou