The Einawood Universe are invited to open the new Festival Politisk Korrekt Teaterfestival at Teater Innlandet. The performance “Hamar goes to EINAWOOD” will be performed at Hamar Kulturhus 1 sep 2022. Participating Artists are: Ella Fiskum, Ronni le Tekrø, Mari Cathrine Brostuen Hagen, Jo-Terje Sagrusten Høyesveen, Line Schaug, Tatsiana Rieber Sparre, Kristine Moe, Amalie Narum, Lalla la Cour, Eiving Øverland, Houwaida Goulli, Rodmar Johansen, Trond Augland, Markus Klyve, and guest artists Stephanie von det Strumpf and Stian Vegar. Photo: Atle Auran


12 new performances from 19-27 November 2021 at R.E.D. ARENA. Tikkets at: Tikkio.com


12 performances planned from 20-28 November 2020. The team includes Ronni le Tekrø, Martin Ulvin Svendsen, MC Brostuen Hagen, Jo-Terje Sagrusten Høyesveen, Hege Eriksdatter, Lalla la Cour, Eivind Øverland, Tatsiana Sparre, Line Schaug, Kristine Moe, Amalie Narum, Houwaida Goulli, Rodmar Johansen and Ella Fiskum. We are following all regulation regarding Covid-19,  sponsored by LESS as, and supported by Vestre Toten Kommune and Norwegian Cultural Council.


The performance is planned with 11 (12) performances on 22,23,24,26,27,28,29,30th of November 2019 (Double performances on 23,24 ans 30th Nov). The team includes Ronni le Tekrø, Martin Ulvin Svendsen, MC Brostuen Hagen, Hege Eriksdatter, Lalla la Cour, Eivind Øverland, Tatsiana Sparre, Line Schaug, Hanna Egenes Flemstøm, Amalie Narum, Houwaida Goulli and Ella Fiskum.


The performance is a co-production with Teater Innlandet and is planned with 6 performances from 22 -25 November 2018. The team includes Ronni le Tekrø, Martin Ulvin Svendsen, MC Brostuen Hagen, Hege Eriksdatter, Lalla la Cour, Eivind Øverland, Tatsiana Sparre, Line Schaug, Hanna Egenes Flemstøm, Amalie Narum, Houwaida Goulli and Ella Fiskum.

Casablanca 0811 in Casablanca

The performance is invited to be performed at the Festival Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Casablanca, at the French Institute in Casablanca on October 14th, 2017. The team includes Ivar Örn Sverrisson, Sudesh Adhana, Houwaida Goulli and Ella Fiskum.

Angels above Toten in ROME and Berlin

“Angels above Toten” (Angeli sopra Toten) by R.E.D. Residency Company will be presented with the two dancers Erlend Auestad Danielsen and Ella Fiskum at Spazio40 in Trastevere, Rome, on the 18th and 19 of February 2017.  On 25th of February at 20:30, Fiskum and Danielsen will perform “Angels above Toten- epilouge” as a part of “home_a transonic journey” -a concert with houaïda at Studio Я, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin.


R.E.D. ARENA will be officially opened on October the 22nd 2016 with “Engler over Toten -The Brutal Beauty of Everyday Life”. The interdisciplinary performance is the first production with R.E.D. Residency Company featuring Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Charlott Utzig, Ingrid Kvalvik Sørensen, Sudesh Adhana and Ella Fiskum along with local and international guests from Berlin, Oslo and Toten.

RIFF 29-31 july

The first edition of RIFF (R.E.D. International Film Festival) will start on the 29th of July- to the 31st of July. The program is featuring film by Alex Prager, Salla Tykkä, Antero Hein, Francisca Penzani and more. Yaniv Cohen will be a Shooting Star. For more info see RIFF website.

RIFF in London

RIFF (R.E.D. International Film Festival) that will have its First Edition later this summer on 29-31 July is being represented at the international open meeting in London that is taking place during the FRAME The London Dance Film Festival. Initiative taker is Co-Director at Independent Dance and Curator at Video Dance Gitta Wigro.
Link to RIFF website

R.E.D. Residency Company

R.E.D. Residency Company will be launched on the official opening of R.E.D. ARENA on October 22nd, with “Engler over Toten- The Brutal Beauty of Everyday Life” -dance, film, installation, music & poetry by Ella Fiskum, Sudesh Adhana (IN), Erlend Auestad Danielsen (NO/FO), Charlott Utzig, Ingrid Kvalvik Sørensen, Elisabeth Rom, Houwaida Goulli (DE), Kyrre Heldal Karlsen, Ståle Stenslie and Elisa Schonhowd.


Ella Fiskum Danz was showing an excerpt from  “Triptych 0811″ and Casablanca 0811″ from The Triptych Trilogy with Trond Peter Stamsø Munch and Houwaida Goulli and participating at Seminarium#5 at Teater Innlandet, Hamar on November 27th and 28th.

redSwan shortfilm in Mexico City

“redSwan” featuring Ella Fisku, Duc Mai-The and Ivar Örn Sverrisson, stills from video by Åsmund Hasli

The short film “redSwan” that has been shoot in Las Vegas, Death Walley, Amsterdam, Eina and at The National Theatre in Oslo has been invited to Movimiento en Movimiento #4, to be screened in Mexico City on October 14th 2015 at SOMA. The short is a part of The Triptych Trilogy.

RED SWAN- pilot at National Theatre in Oslo

In connection with the development of “Mercury 0811” a pilot of the movie script will be shoot at The Norwegian National Theatre in August 2015. The crew is featuring Ivar Ôrn Sverrisson, Duc Mai-The, Svetlana Bednenko, Konstantin Marikin, Cleo Musto, Jonas Øren, Tatsiana Riber Sparre, Ida Cybele Jark, Julia Grønningsæter, Sanna Eriksson Ryg, and Den Norske Ballettskole (DNBS) among others. Cinematographer is Åsmund Hasli, and composer is Ali Helnwein.

RIFF – dance- art- cinema- new International Film Festival at R.E.D.

The new film festival RIFF (R.E.D. International Film Festival) will be presented with a prelude edition on July 11 and 12th 2015. Curator Yolanda Gudarrama from Mexico City will open and present a few films for the first edition at various venues at R.E.D. Films from all over the world in multiple genre, ranging form short art films- narrative and abstract video dance films to full feature films, all with a strong sense of dance or movement. This year will have India as a theme country showing a.o. Vishal Bhardwaj “Haider” (2014) on Raufoss Kulturhus on the 12th of July. Artists include: Salla Tykkä (FINLAND), Floria Sigimundi (ITALIA CANADA), Paula Herrera (ARGENTINA), Fabien Coupez (FRANCE), Alfredo Salamond MEXICO), Andrew Wass (USA), Ivan Landau, Memymom (BELGIC), Yentl de Werdt (FRANCE), Jonas Øren (NO). More info will follow.

Kick off for Mercury 0811 in Las Vegas and LA

Photo by Trond Peter Stamsø Munch, featurng Adhana and Fiskum, Erg Chebbi, Morocco, March 2014
The last part of The Triptych Trilogy, “Marcury 0811” will be kick starting in Las Vegas and Los Angeles in February 2015.. The pre-project will be exploring Sin City, Death Valley, and City of Angels together with filmmaker Francesca Penzani, composer Ali Helnwein and more, and will culminate in a short film entitled “Red Swan” to be produced together later in August at R.E.D. in Norway. Featuring ballerina Svetlana Bednenko and cinematographer Åsmund Hasli among others.
The project is funded by Oppland Fylkeskommune and Arts Council Norway.

Casablanca 0811 in New Delhi

“Casablanca 0811” will be performed at The Attic in New Delhi, India the 19th of December 2014. A screening of the film with the same title will also take place. Participants include Sudesh Adhana, Houwaida Goulli, Ella Fiskum, music by Ali Helnwein, and Ronni le Tekrø, and cinematography by Audun G. Magnæs.

RÖJ forlag in Copenhagen

Fiskum is invited as one of 12 artists to participate in an Art Calendar published by Röj forlag. The launch of the Calendar will be held at SØ gallery in Copenhagen on the 5th of December. The Gallery will also be open on the 6th and 7th of December.

Sammensurium- under the Nordic Sky in Lillehammer

A new collaboration between Sudesh Adhana and Ella Fiskum entitled “Sammensurium- under the Nordic Sky” will be shown at Oppland Fylkeskulturkonferanse in Lillehammer 28-29 October 2014. The collaboration is marking their 10 year anniversary. Fiskum is also invited to present R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz, and sit in one of the debate panels at the conference.

Casablanca 0811 in Mexico city

The performance “Casablanca 0811” and the dance film with the same title has both been invited to participate in the international dance film festival MOVIMIENTO EN MOVIMIENTO #3 in Mexico City, curated by Yolanda Guadarrama. The 12 minutes dance film will have a screening at Museo Universitario del Chopo on October 3rd 2014, and the performance will be shown on October 4th at Foro del Dinosaurio in the same museum. The Mexican actor, dancer and choreographer Antonio Salinas is taking part in the performance. In addition Fiskum will give the workshop “From Draft/Paper to Screen”

new production Casablanca 0811

“Casablanca 0811” is premiering at R.E.D. on 5th of July 2014 at 22:00. The team is consisting of cinematographer Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs, Ella Fiskum, actor Trond Peter Stamsø Munch, singer Houwaida Goulli, and dancer Sudesh Adhana. Music is composed by Ali Helnwein, Ronni le Tekrø, and Houwaida Goulli. The premiere will be accompanied with “Mission Impossible?” an exhibition in a new gallery space opening at 21:00 at R.E.D., showcasing work by Ella Fiskum Danz in collaboration with photographer Anwar Saab. Parts of the exhibition has previously been shown at the Dillon Gallery in Chelsea in New York City in 2010.

soloist at Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris

Fiskum is taking part in the new Opera production “A Flowering Tree” at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris as a soloist dancer, dancing the part of Kumudhas alter ego. The Opera is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Choreography and set design by Sudesh Adhana. Premiere on May 5th 2014, with performances on the 7, 9, 11, and 13. Read more here

film shoot in Casablanca, Morocco

“Casablanca 0811”, the 2nd project in The Triptych Trilogy is heading off to shoot a short road movie in Casablanca, Morocco- on a trip to the desert. The film depicts a coincidental meeting between a failed ballerina and the man who made her dream impossible, on a journey from Casablanca to the sand-dunes of Erfoud in the Sahara desert. The project is a part of the stage performance scheduled at R.E.D. in Norway in July. The participants include: Cinematographer Audun Gjelsvik Magnæs, actor Trond Peter Stamsø Munch, dancer Sudesh Adhana, singer Houwaida Goulli and director/dancer Ella Fiskum.

R.E.D. on NRK Dagsrevyen-21

R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz was on the evening news on National Norwegian Broadcasting, NRK Dagsrevyen-21 on January the 14th 2014. The NRK team came to film the farm and was interviewing Fiskum, showcasing the fact that artists are moving out from the cities to the countryside.

Link to the clip here:

Triptych 0811 on NRK News

Casablanca 0811 in Berlin and Copenhagen

The first part of the trilogy “Triptych 0811” was covered on the Norwegian Broadcasting in connection with the collaboration with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. The performance was seen by over 700 in the audience, and received critical acclaim.

See the clip from NRK here.

The next part of the trilogy “Casablanca 0811” is kick starting in Berlin in the end of September 2013, followed by a working period in Copenhagen in October. The project is funded by developing funds from Arts Council Norway, and the premiere is scheduled at R.E.D. on 27th of June 2014. Participating artist in Casablanca is among others: Houwaida Goulli (Berlin), Ali Helnwein (LA), Sudesh Adhana, and Audun Magnæs.

Trailer Triptych 0811

with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Joshua Tree, California, 2012, Camera: Karl Erik Brøndbo  Edit: Ella Fiskum

Triptych with

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

ELLA FISKUM DANZ are performing “Triptych 0811” in collaboration with the live Trondheim Symphony Orchestra (TSO) on 19th of September, 2013, in Olavshallen in Trondheim, Norway. The 2 act performance are featuring the internationally renown Norwegian dancer Silas Henriksen, ballerina Svetlana Bednenko, Ella Fiskum, and legendary guitarist Ronni le Tekrø. The music is composed and arranged by Emmy and Grammy award winning Ali Helnwein, and will be conducted by Torodd Wigum. The performance is a part of TSO’s 2013/2014 season program.

R.E.D. Residencies 2013

Two Artists/Companies has been granted residencies at R.E.D. in the Summer of 2013. MoA (Norway/Brazil/Finland), by Fernanda Branco and Linda Granlund, and TeaterInGeStazione (Italy). Xproarts will perform Godaan on July the 5th, and Ella Fiskum Danz will have a residency with her new project, in addition to the Mini Fest/Open Day at the Farm 28th and 29th of June, launching the first edition of R.E.D. Summer Season. Read schedule for R.E.D. here

Munch project to New York and Tokyo

The Munch performance “Av Hjerteblod” is scheduled to be performed in New York City 4-10 November 2013, and in Tokyo at SuperDeluxe, National Museum for Western Art, and in Naruko Onsen 9-15 December 2013. The performance is festuring Lars Lillo Stenberg, Henrik Rafaelsen, Ole Henrik Moe , Ella Fiskum and initiated by Ellen Sejersted Bødtker.

Opening of Summer season at R.E.D.

R.E.D. is launching its first summer season with a Mini Fest on 28-29 June 2013. The program will consist of “Hunting for Dreamland” -an interdisciplinary site specific performance-installation, which will be executed in the line between the barn- through the road to the woods. The festival will also include a children performance and a workshop. The detailed program with participating artists will be announced later.

Deadline R.E.D.

We are offering two residencies at R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz with covered facility  and lodging for 2 weeks in the 265 square meter big production room / studio in the barn, and a designated residence house that can accommodate up to 8 people. Period: May-August 2013. International Deadline March 1st 2013. Deadline (Norway) March 25th. Answer in end of March. For more info contact: ecfiskum@gmail.com or: www.transartists.org/air/residency-eina-danz

Applicationform RED_2013

Opening of Munch jubilee, Kragerø

Photo Anwar Saab

The Edvard Munch project “Av Hjerteblod” is opening the The Munch Jubilee 2013 in Kragerø 11th of May 2013. The performance is initiated by Ellen Sejersted Bødtker and is a collaboration between Bødtker (harp and director) Fiskum (codirector, choreography and dance), Lars Lillo Stenberg (song), Ole Henrik Moe (composer, and fiolin) and Henrik Rafaelsen (actor). It has been extensively scheduled during the jubilee, for performance dates click here.

New Projects

Stills from the 10 min short “Mission Impossible?” in Hollywood, featuring Fiskum by Fransesca Penzani

Fiskum is currently working on the two new projects “Casablanca 0811” and the concluding last part of the Triptych triplogy, still untitled. She is  also working to publish the film “Mission Impossible?”, filmed by Fransesca Penzani, from last years trip to LA attempting to enter the 84th Academy Awards Kodac Red Carpet.

New date for Upcoming performance

The first performance with “Triptych 0811”  in 2013, will be in Steinkjer on Tuesday, January the 29th. The performance will feature a new male dancer, Sigmund Hegstad, in addition to the original cast of Svetlana Bednenko, Ronni le Tekrø and Ella Fiskum.

Merry christmas &

a happy new year 2013

Great reviews and press coverage

“Triptych 0811” is continuing to receive standing ovations and great reviews on tour. Next performance is scheduled in Steinkjer, Norway  29th of January 2013.

R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz, is also getting press coverage locally in Norway. Read here


From  November 12th through 18th, Ella Fiskum and international producer Kay Grigar will be attending the CINARS Biennale, an international exchange for the performing arts.Stand number: 203-208 at the Nordic Square. Triptych 0811


Triptych 0811 is touring Fana Kulturhus on November the 22th, and Gjøvik Kino og Kulturhus on the 24th of November 2012. The show is touring with the original cast: Magnus Myhr, Svetlana Bednenko, Ella Fiskum, and featuring Ronni le Tekrø on guitar. Further participants Serge von Arx- set design, Ali Helnwein- composer, Karl Erik Brøndbo- cinematographer, Elisabeth Nøkland Johansen- costume, etc. Read more


R.E.D. Residency Eina Danz is a newly launched center for creation situated by the Eina lake outside of Oslo. The mission is to provide housing and creative work space for local and international artists and groups working with dance. It is the new home of Ella Fiskum Danz and Xproarts company.

Bærum Kulturhus Oct 12, 2012

Photo: Karl Erik Brøndbo, featuring Ronni le Tekrø, Ella Fiskum, Magnus Myhr and Svetlana Bednenko Norwegian Premiere at Bærum Kulturhus October 12th, 2012, at 19:30. Ella Fiskum’s new work draws inspiration from the visual art triptych, in which three images or panels are separate yet somehow linked together.  Triptych 0811 explores the inner life of dreams, reality, and ambition.  The performance marks Fiskum’s 20 years anniversary as a dancer, and choreographer.

Fishing for love at Drammen Elvefestival

Fishing for Love is slated for two performances at the Drammen Elvefestival on August 25th 2012 at 13 and 16 o clock. The performances feature Fiskum in collaboration with Sudesh Adhana and Xproarts, Leon Muraglia and Rigg-Olle Jacobsson. The venue by the new Ypsilon Bridge at Papirbredden. Read more

Showcase presentation, New York

Photo featuring (from left to right): Svetlana Bednenko and legendary rock guitarist Ronni le Tekrø. Photo (middle and down): by Karl Erik Brøndbo, shot at the Joshua Tree, California.  Featuring Sarah Skogland; Ella Fiskum and Billy Wirth

Ella Fiskum Danz was awarded a grant from the Arts Council of Norway towards the production of a new work in 2012.  The company will partake in an Artist-in-Residence at the renowned Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy, New York.  The residency will culminate in a showcase presentation.  The work entitled tryptych 0811 incorporates contemporary dance, classical ballet, rock guitar, ornate costume and a videoscape.  Ella Fiskum’s dreamscape is brought to life by Eiffman Ballet of St. Petersburg soloist Svetlana Bednenko, Norwegian contemporary dancers Magnus Myhr and Ella Fiskum, together with legendary rock guitarist Ronni le Tekrø.  The Norwegian tour is scheduled in  November 2012. Read more

Photo Exhibition in Oslo

The Exhibition “From Akerselva to New York” is on view from March 3rd through May 2nd, 2012 at the Hønse Louisa in Oslo. The emotive photos feature scenes from previous and upcoming work, installations, and video. Collaborators include Anwar Saab, Karl Erik Brøndbo, Elisabeth Nøkland Johansen, and Julian Hibbard.

Mission Impossible

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9IT5CxAYR0 Part 1 of the satirical documentary following Fiskum’s failed attempt to enter The Kodac Red Carpet at The Oscars 84th Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood, L.A., on the 26th of February 2012. The project is thematically related to the full length work “Triptych 0811” which investigates the theme of dreams and ambition. Video: Francesca Penzani, Music: Ali Helnwein. ©ELLA FISKUM DANZ


“Triptych 0811”, has received an invitation for a residence et EMPAC, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center. The residence will conclude the new production and is scheduled between the 4th and 18th of September 2012. EMPAC was hailed by the New York Times as a “technological pleasure dome for the mind and senses… dedicated to the marriage of art and science as it has never been done before.” It offers artists, scholars, researchers, engineers, designers, and audiences opportunities for creative exploration that are available nowhere else under a single roof.


The new project “Triptych 0811” has been funded by Arts Council Norway, and is scheduled to start in 2012. Participants include Magnus Myhr, Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson, Ella Christina Fiskum, Ali Helnwein, Pia Elton, Kay Grigar, among others.

Munch at Hjertefred

A short extract from the performance “Av Hjerteblod- With lyrics by Edvard Munch” will be performed outdoor at the beneficial Hjertefred in Sandvika on Sunday the 6th og November (Allehelgensdag). The Performance start at ca 18:00.

New York and Los Angeles -Traveling grant

Fiskum has gratefully received a traveling grant from Fund for Performing Artists. She will go to New York and Los Angeles in September 2011, to further her knowledge in dance, movement and art. She will be initiating the new project “TRIPTYCH 0811”, a.o. with a photo shoot by Julian Hibbard. Further she will work towards the site specific performance-installation “In Heaven In Hell: High Line” planned in New York City in 2012.

National Day of Mourning

It is with regret that we have to cancel the performance “Fishing for Love –live edition” on Sunday the 21st of August at Drammen River Festival, due to decisions made by the Parliament and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who announced this day as The National Day of Mourning – for the tragic incidents in Oslo and Utøya, Norway.

Fishing for Love- live edition

“Fishing for Love” in Harstad, 18th of June 2011. Photo: Øivind Arvola

The performance at Festspillende in Nord-Norge got covered by NRK (Norwegian Broad Casting) Dagsrevyen 18 of June 2011.See the clip from NRK Next performances are in Tønsberg at Vestfold Festspillende 25 of June, and at Risør Kammermusikkfest the 29th of June. These performances “Fishing for Love – live edition”  is featuring the musicians Kammerkameleonene (Kari Rønnekleiv and and Ole Henrik Moe), and Georg Buljo playing live together with composer Leon Muraglia. The project is supported by Fond for Performing Artists and Arts Council Norway. Is is sponsored by Tommy Sharif and Univern.

Fishing for love summer 2011

The collaboration project “Fishing For Love” with XPROARTS will open the festival Festspillende in Nord-Norge tour on 18th of June in Harstad, Norway, then tour to Vestfold Festpillende on the 25th of June, and Risør Kammermusikkfest on the 29th of June. Summer of 2011. In Vestfold Festpillende we will premiere  “Fishing for Love” – live version with the string quintet Kammerkameleonene who will be playing live. The performance is funded by Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere, and the  rehearsal space is sponsored by Tommy Sharif.

exhibition in New York City

Ella Fiskum Danz at Dillon Gallery, NYC, from the Murder in Dreamland series in collaboration with photographer Anwar Saab. Photo: Christian Ostensen. Artworks on right side: Asami Yoshiga

The solo piece entitled “In Heaven in Hell” will be presented on December 1st at the Dillon Gallery in New York City.  The event also features Fiskum’s first solo exhibition of photo images from her concept collective collage projects (Murder in Dreamland), taken by Anwar Saab in collaboration with a.o. Catharina Vehre Gresslien, Laura Christina Brøvig Vallenes, and Elisabeth Nøkland Johansen.

In Heaven in Hell to New York

The piece entitled “In Heaven in Hell” is part three of a solo triptych performance.  An excerpt of the work will be shown at the Dillon Gallery in New York City on December 1st, 2010.  The solo builds on the existential themes of its predecessors: “Seduced by Unreality” and “Untitled Star”, which play on the borderline between dream and reality, and the power of the created (media) image versus the real person.  Part three explores the shortcuts between exhilarated happiness and total despair as the result of a choice: out of respect for one’s self; following tradition; or in reaction to a desperate situation. Generously supported by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York City, and Arts Council Norway.

Akerselva before – now -onward

Performance in connection with a conference with the Norwegian Minister of Culture Anniken Hvitfelt about the future of a new planned center at Akerselva (the main river of Oslo City) that will provide labor and industrial history, culture, contemporary art and new research. Monday 15th of November 2010, at 11:30 PM. Site –specific solo performance by the river at Mølla (Hønse Lovisa), Oslo, Norway.

Door to Peace

Ella Christina Fiskum and Sudesh Adhana have been commissioned to make the opening for the Peace Concert FRED and SHANTI on 2nd of Oct 2010, in Eidskog at Børrud Fabric, Skotterud. The event is marking the birthday of Gandhi, and will be in the presence of the grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi, the celebrated writer Sumitra Kulkarni Gandhi.

Dre at Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Bjørvika, and Tolosa Spain.

Sudesh Adhana from DRE at Kamani Auditorium in New Delhi, India, Jan 2010. Photo by Vipul Sangoi.

Ella Christina Fiskum is the producer for Damini House of Cultures production of DRE, by choreographer Sudesh Adhana in collaboration with Aditi Mangaldas and Dadi Pudumjee. The production had a preview show in New Delhi in Jan 2010, and is going to have a residency and preview show in at Topic International Puppet Center in Tolosa, Spain, in Sep-Oct 2010. DRE will be premiered at The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Bjørvika 12th and 13th of Oct 2010.

In Heaven in Hell

Norwegian Arts Council has granted support to developing the project “In Heaven in Hell”  (working title ) which will be the third solo by Ella Fiskum Danz.  The rehearsals will start in New York in November in 2010. The solo is scheduled in 2011.

Fishing for Love

Picture above: Sudesh Adhana in tissue. Ella Christina Fiskum on the net, photo by Guro Løseth.

“Fishing for Love” -a dance and sound installation on the fjord, is a new collaboration project between Ella Fiskum Danz and XPROARTS. It will be performed as part of the Sound of Oslo Festival in connection with Euro Vision Song Contest 2010. Date: 22nd of May at 15:00, and 16:00. 23rd of May at 15:00, and 16:00. Place: Tjuvholmen, Bryggegangen 2-6. (Vis á vis Bølgen og Moi), Oslo, Norway. The performance is 30 minutes long and is performed outside. Read more under projects: Fishing for Love.

The Muse

Picture from the press conference: Liv Ullmann, Erik Schøyen, Ella C Fiskum, and Gry Molvær.

Fiskum is to perform the Solo “The Muse” for the Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskabs Galla performance at Olavshallen in Trondheim on 13th of March 2010. Artists in the event include Liv Ullmann, Arve Tellefsen, Håkon Bleken, Mari Boine and more.

Møte i verdensrommet

Picture from the video by Fiskum in collaboration with Bødtker

New project initiated by harpist Ellen Sejersted Bødtker, in connection with the Munch anniversary in 2013. Fiskum will be responsible for the choreography, dance and video. Other participants include composer Ole Henrik Moe, and Lars Lillo Stenberg.

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