“Mission Impossible ?”

“Mission Impossible ?” is an art project. It deals with the attempt to enter the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Fiskum has had this dream, since she bought a vintage dress back in 1991 at the Salvation Army 2nd hand outlet in Oslo. (The dress has its own Cinderella story from the 1992 Stuttgarter Opernball and the 1993 Wiener Opernball from the time she was a student at The John Cranco School.) But working her entire life in the professional international dance scene, and not within the film scene-  she is regarding this mission as an impossible task. However in 2012 she wanted to test the possibility in connection with “Triptych 0811” the first part of a stage trilogy, that partly took place in California, and dealing with the theme of dream and reality. She simply wanted to try to get a permission to walk the red carpet to alter the public image of what is possible and becomes reality, and what remains just a dream! Before she came to Hollywood, she was in contact with several people to make this happen. She even got a mail saying “this may be arranged…”

Excerpt from the film “Mission Impossible?” shoot on location in Hollywood by Fransesca Penzani.

This attempt has led to the sequel “Mission Impossible 2? -Red is white” shoot by Åse Frøyshov in Eina, Norway in a an quantum entanglement to the 85th Academy Awards in 2013.

And later in 2014 “Mission Impossible -Casablanca?” she walked the streets of in Casablanca, Morocco in a parallel timeline to the Oscars, accompanied by bodyguard Elyoubi Adellah, shoot by Houwaida Goulli, with gratitude by Aziz Hafs.

The three films was shown in the exhibition “Mission Impossible?” at R.E.D. Gallery in Eina, Norway in the summer of 2014.

In 2015 she is back in California in February, initiating the last of the Triptych Trilogy in Las Vegas, Death Valley and Los Angeles, and “Mission Impossible 4- Sin vs Angels? at the 87th Academy Awards. The art project will continue as long as there is a quest is for making the mission possible…

Music by Ali Helnwein

To see the complete films please contact: ecfiskum@gmail.com

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