R.E.D. (Residency Eina Danz) is an international, national and regional arena for arts and culture established in 2013 on a farm overlooking the Eina lake outside of Oslo. Located in the middle of the breathtaking Norwegian countryside, R.E.D. is surrounded by locally run farms and large natural spaces for leisure.


R.E.D.’s mission:

  • To provide an artists residency, that include housing and creative work space for local and international artists, to create work of high international level.
  • To serve as a concentrated centre for artistic development outside the urban landscape for interdisciplinary artists and groups.
  • To produce and co-produce film and dance projects
  • To be a programming stage and host for an annual film festival, performances, concerts, workshops, and exhibitions throughout the year
  • To be an open arena for local artist and arrange projects specifically aimed at children and youth
  • To bring projects to Norway that would otherwise not take place, and communicate this to as many people as possible.
  • To inspire the local community with international influences, as well as being a portal for the exchange.
  • To be a leading production house and centre for dance in Norway
  • Home of R.E.D. Residency Company, Toten Tornado Kids, Ella Fiskum Danz and Xproarts company, which will give regular performances and arrange open forums.
  • Home of RIFF – R.E.D. International Film Festival.

The workspace consists of:

  • A barn with two floors, each with a dimension of 265 square meters. An all year heated dance studio/production room measuring 12meter x 19 meter installed on the top floor. The studio has a height of 8,55 meters, with rigging capabilities (up to 1.ton on each of 5 existing hooks). Internet access in the residency house. Simple sound and light system. 24 channels dimmer.
  • Two houses. The residency house with four bedrooms which can accommodate up to 12 persons.
  • One workshop/garage. The workshop has space for building set design.
  • R.E.D. Bar and R.E.D. Gallery
  • External devices (on request if available): Dance Marley Floor (beige, gold and black), Tissue (3 available), Pole (3 meter).
  • Local firms can provide wood and metal work for scenography.
R.E.D. Arena is available for rent between 1st September and 1st May.
Price list 2018


R.E.D. is supported by Oppland Fylkeskommune, Arts Council Norway, Bergesenstiftelsen, Innovasjon Norge, Eina Almenning, Omstillingsprogrammet Vestre Toten Kommune, Statens Kunstnerstipend.

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