exit dreamland

Photo: Christian Elgvin, featuring Ella Christina Fiskum, Laura Christina Brøvig Vallenes and Kristina Knaben Hennestad

The site-specific performance installation triptych is completed, at coda international dance festival 1oth of October 2009.

Site-specific vis á vis foyer at House of Dance, Oslo, on Lower Vulcan Area by Akerselva. Video installation in the foyer.


The last part started with Cinderella brushing the dust from the street and the arrival of the guest coming to the party, to the table placed in the flowing river. The party was peaking with the Red Star starting her Academy Awards speech and dancing on the table to the opera music from Turandot… moving over to Leon’s fantastic sound scape where the two guys, the Black Boxer and the Agent started to fight…while the White Twins were dancing and singing the song Wicked Game… Cinderella arrived late, while the Star had fallen down under the table and was about to exit taking a walk through the river…

She they got  thrown into the red carpet… washed the car in milk… continued with a fight, and a romantic dance sequence on point in the Net and exiting walking in the direction of dreamland…  … ..  with the white twins throwing white powder over a “naked” woman, with her hair cut and point shoes off….arriving all the characters by the wrecked car… and solving the case… in a conclusion that the dream is continuing…

Photo: Christian Elgvin, featuring Laura Christina Brøvig Vallenes and Kristina Knaben Hennestad

Photo on the top of the page: Christian Elgvin, featuring Catharina Vehre Gresslien

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