Madonna Furiosa

Randi Stene and Thomas Skjørberg.

Madonna furiosa, a new church opera by Bertil Palmar Johansen and Tale Næss, with choreography by Ella Christina Fiskum premiered at Nidarosdomen at St. Olavs Festival in Trondheim Norway, 2005.

“Opera triumph.

… Finally, the church art came out of the closet and went into the contemporary. …This must simply be one of the most interesting church operas ever written in Norwegian… It’s no longer about the past and half forgotten stories. It’s about what we are surrounded by every day – whether intentionally, dreams, power and deception, in short, about being human. … This opera will hardly be forgotten. ”

Review by Hroar Klempe, Adresseavisen

Madonna Furiosa discusses contemporary archetypes, set in light of the Christian main message —grace. Love is the goal, for the woman, the child, the soldier and the agent, but faith and hope is confused with the current rush, abandoned values, resignation and artificial substitute. Madonna, the Virgin Mary, descends to the people —with what force can she intervene in the creation? Must not the dream of love and the premise of the creation be made and managed by each individual.

“Strong and beautiful choreography that emphasized the message of the opera, an impressive piece of work by the composer, Bertil Palmar Johansen and a poetic, beautiful lyrics by Tale Naess – communicated with soloist and orchestra performances at a high level – modern, poignant and exciting … It would be a misfortune if Madonna Furiosa will not be performed multiple times – if not necessarily in the Cathedral … this experience of art should be presented to a wider audience.”

Culture Editor Sigrun Berge Engen, Adresseavisen

Prodused by Olavsfesdagene

Thomas Skjørberg and Mikkel Are Olsen. Photo Maria Gossé

Vilde Madsen, Thomas Skjørberg and Mikkel Are Olsen. Photo Maria G0ssé

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