The aim of ELLA FISKUM DANZ is to be a leading force within the field of performing and visual art. The company is creating and producing visually strong work that is challenging in terms of content and form, set in a interdisciplinary visual landscape with a renewed evaluation and deconstruction of the possibilities of contemporary dance, classical ballet and theatricality.

The vision to establish a company accured already in 1997 when Fiskum was choreographing the first full-length dance production “DIMITRI- Arena for 4 Dancers and a String Quartett”, while being a dancer and touring through Europe. She pursued this aim, and established ELLA FISKUM DANZ in 2000. Starting with the 60 minutes solo performance “SEDUCED BY UNREALITY” and through her 2nd solo “UNTITLED STAR”, she developed her language, bringing in a strong visual aspect combined with elements from theater and film to her work.

“My work is about visual communication in the context of existential themes. It is made up of contrasts, inspired by strong characters. The dance often occurs in conjunction with installations, video, costumes, and the musical aspect. The “beautiful” is present to open up my world for the viewer to see something more.”

Ella Christina Fiskum has choreographed, performed, directed and produced several dance, performance-art, and opera productions witch is available for touring (see productions/commissioned).

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