Untitled star

“UNTITLED STAR” 2002, restaged 2007 (second solo performance)

“UNTITLED STAR” is a feature-length solo performance, which is about the star and the dream of becoming a star. We meet the star figure in a series of tableaux; it might be from a movie scene, a film set, from her private trailer, or is it just scenes from a daydreamer? The performance takes place in dialogue with a movie screen that encloses the space. The theme explores the competition and conflict between real life and the fictional, the film world that often is expressed as “larger than life.” Where the manufacture of a person in the media is more important than the real person.

In “Untitled STAR” 2002 (my second solo show), I worked with video extensively. I was responsible for the choreography, performance, and directing and editing the 40 minute video, which was shown on a 6×19 meter canvas. The performance was built up as a dialogue between the dancer performing on stage and a moving image (video). The dialogue should not be perceived narrative (as a continuous story), but rather to contrast and enhance: “… On the canvas the film is responding to the actions: Parallel and commenting, contradictory or abstract (…) Transferred to a stage I want to explore the balance / power point between a performing dancer on stage, and an electronic image of the movement that is projected onto a canvas on the three stage walls that surrounds the stage (…) With this expression, I want to explore the competition and conflict between the real life and fictional, the film world that often get the term “Large Than Life”.

The concept was in 2007 developed and includes an accompanying exhibition: “… The goal is to blur the distinction between dream and reality, between performance space and living space. ”

Images from the performance featuring Ella Christina Fiskum, and from video projected on the background widescreen measuring 6 meters high and 19 meters long, featuring a.o. Sarah Skogsland.

built by flyxer designed by caribou