Fishing for Love –Live edition

Festspillende i Nord-Norge 2011

“Hundreds of spectators crowded along the pier to take in the spectacular show in and of the watery element (…) Many could hardly believe what they saw (…) Breathtaking acrobatics and graceful and beautiful dance. Particularly impressing was Ella Fiskums interpretation of the squirming fish / mermaid who finally had to admit defeat, but who was brought to life again.” Tønsberg Blad

“Chamber Night Success.
Risør Chamber Music won many hearts of the audience during the event “Chamber Night at the fjord” Wednesday night. Spontaneous concerts, spectacular dancing and Norway’s first living jukebox took audiences by storm (…) But the most spectacular was the dance performance “Fishing for Love”. Hanging from a crane 15feet above the inner harbor, the audience watched a spectacular performance by the dancer Sudesh Adhana before Ella C. Fiskum emerged from the water and onto the net, which served as a dance floor.” Aust Agder Blad

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Vestfold Festspillende 2011

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Risør Kammermusikkfest 2011

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Sudesh Adhana

Georg Buljo

Ella Christina Fiskum

Rigg-Olle Jacobsson

Ole Henrik Moe

Leon Muraglia

Tommy Bjurstrøm Nilsen

Kari Rønnekleiv

Pictures on top: Fiskum in water in Risør. Photo: Christina Tveit

Picture above: Adhana and Fiskum in the performance from the dock in Harsted. Photo: Øivind Arvola

Pictures below: Fiskum on the wier. Photo: Christina Tveit

Pictures below: Adhana and Fiskum on the net in Risør. Photo: Christina Tveit

Adhana in Risør. Photo: Christina Tveit

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