Picture by Anwar Saab, featuring Catharina Vehre Gresslien

Opening Event of ELVELANGS-FESTIVALEN 24th of September 2009, between 20:00- 23:00.

The concept involved 9 international interdisciplinary artists and executed a performance installation with dance, and live music at the site specific place by Cuba Grünerløkka, in the “fields”, by, over and in the river Akerselva in Oslo, Norway. A bizarre plot that could have been the dark foreseeing dream of truth was executed in real time, where the viewers could follow the action up close. The entire area was lit, Cuba turned into a dreamland with 9 hey balls, tent installations hanging over the water, a hanging tissue in a tree, and the lit up river. The area was packed by audience, who after 2 hours invaded the entire area with hey balls, as our action moved out in the river. They jumped on the hey balls, took pictures, danced and cuddled up. It all turned out like a symbiosis of a public art installation, music festival or event, and we let the audience unfold themselves freely on the hey balls.

Picture above by Anwar Saab, from the site with 9 hay balls covering Cuba, Grünerløkka

built by flyxer designed by caribou