EYE 3D featuring Victoria Hay and Sudesh Adhana. Photo by Merete Haseth

“Eye3d” was commissioned by Oslo Mela Festival 2008. The work was a part of the opening concert in the City Hall, opened by Her Highness Queen Sonja. The work was a part of a larger research production that also included video work.

In eye’3d we are dealing with an existential moment, where time and space are in flux. We are dealing with three iconic characters in the most crucial moment of their lives, in the chaos of the breakdown of their dreams, and in the awakening of a new realization.

We find ourselves in a dreamlike landscape where a ballerina from Swan Lake suddenly finds her selves in shock outside her usual environment: Maybe she simply choose to walk out of the opera house into the streets, drove off and got into a car accident, or perhaps the theater was the target of a bomb blast, leaving the whole opera house in flames… As she tumbles confused into a new and strange world, she meets a warrior who has woken up from thousands of years and gone through time, along the railroad tracks and desert sand and come to the present. What is it that brings him to the contemporary? Perhaps it was him who drove her, maybe he was the one who created the accident, or is he bringing her in safety and rescues her?

Picture above from the video featuring Eugenie Skilnand. Costume by Elisabeth Nøklamd Johansen and Ella Christina Fiskum.

built by flyxer designed by caribou